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Knee Replacement Therapy

A painful knee can severely affect your ability to lead a full and active life. There are many conditions that result in degeneration of the knee joint and arthritis, but two can be debilitating. Mechanical arthritis is brought on by wear and tear of the knee and is more commonly known as osteoarthritis. Systemic arthritis can set into the knees in the form of rheumatoid arthritis. Both forms of arthritis result in degeneration of the joint surface of the knee. Arthritis in the knee can be treated with anti-inflammatory medication, cartilage injections, steroid injections and/or physical therapy. In many cases, knee pain and dysfunction can be alleviated or lessened with these treatments. However, for 20% of those with pain and loss of function, disability is sufficiently severe that surgery is a recommended treatment option.

A Time Proven Procedure

A total or partial knee replacement can be the most effective means of eliminating knee pain and dysfunction in persons with severe arthritis. This procedure is performed by your orthopedic surgeon and involves replacing the diseased joint surface with an artificial surface. About 267,000 knee replacements are performed each year in the United States. A recent study on more than 27,000 operated cases reported only 8% dissatisfaction with the procedure on a follow-up duration of more than 15 years. joint replacements typically last from 15 to 25 years.

The Physical Therapy Edge

Physical therapy is normally prescribed following a total knee replacement. As treatment progresses strength and endurance exercises are added. Most patients are walking without an assistive device within four to six weeks after surgery. Harris & Renshaw Physical Therapy has worked with patients from many of the leading orthopedic surgeons in Central Arkansas. For the best in total knee rehabilitation, call Harris & Renshaw Physical Therapy.

For more information on knee-replacement therapy call us today at 501-758-1300.

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