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"My PT Boyd, has been outstanding and understanding with helping me get my shoulders back to normal. He is very nice and explains how and why the therapy works . Carolyn at the front desk, greets you and calls you by name . She is super fast on scheduling and works with you if you need to change one. I love the facility and the calming natural color it is painted. I would highly recommend Harris and Renshaw therapy to everyone. Thanks for caring about us old people and our well being!!!!!! "
Aug 15, 2019
"Would highly recommend Chad and his Staff to anyone! They worked with me and got me back to better than normal. I had Rotator cuff and Bicep surgery back in July and have gained FULL range of motion and feel better than I have in years . They were very attentive and helpful and pushed me to get back on track. Thank you for a great experience while going through this recovery!!"
Aug 09, 2019
"All the staff, especially Chad, Boyd and Kaitlyn, have been excellent coaches and encouragers for my physical therapy. They were specific and encouraging. They all seemed to know my entire routine. If one person was busy, the other quickly told me what to do next. I never felt “abandoned. They are positive and fun to be around. And, the physical therapy has been effective for me, thank goodness! I, of course, highly recommend them!"
Aug 09, 2019
"I had previously had PT with H+R in 2014 for severe back pain. I remember just barely being able to walk into their treatment facility. Chad was very kind and helpful and after 6 weeks of therapy I was able to resume daily activities and enjoy my fishing hobby. Now here we are 5 years later/older and my old back injuries from my youth have been giving me lots of discomfort and pain. To my good fortune, Chad is still employed with H+R. Both Chad and Boyd have worked with me over the past 6 treatment sessions and there is remarkable improvement in reduced levels of pain and my strength and flexibility. Also Chad introduced me to a treatment referred to as DRY NEEDLING. I am convinced this form of treatment has really reduced my pain levels and I do not have to take pain medicine as often. On a final note I must mention Carolyn. Each visit I am greeted by her smile and cheerful disposition. Thanks to all of you!!!"
Aug 07, 2019
"My 13 year old daughter injured her playing sports. Thankfully Chad, Caitlyn, Drew & Colton were able to get her back to 100%. Chad also educated her on using correct form when lifting weights! Thank you all for helping my girl!!! Definitely would recommend this great team!!! "
Nov 14, 2018
"I would highly recommend Chad and his Staff to anyone! They worked with me and got me back to better than normal. I had Rotator cuff and Bicep surgery back in July and have gained FULL range of motion and feel better than I have in years . They were very attentive and helpful and pushed me to get back on track. Thank you for a great experience while going through this recovery!! "
Oct 21, 2018
"Chad did a great job on getting my knee better! Staff was very helpful and friendly! Highly Recommended!!"
Oct 16, 2018


“After a patella fracture and surgery, I began therapy at Harris Renshaw. The staff is very professional. The PT’s and techs work great together to provide the he best patient care in a supportive environment tailored to specific needs.Scheduling was convenient. I highly recommend Harris and Renshaw!”

Gail Rodgers – North Little Rock

“I met Bo Renshaw after my son experienced his second brain surgery. We were afraid Chad wasn’t going to be able to continue the kind of rehabilitation he received as an inpatient at BRI (Baptist Rehabilitation, LR). In fact, Chad’s neurologist told him that he had gone as far as he could. But It was clear after a few visits with Bo that he had Chad’s best interests at heart. He was able to suggest a personalized routine, and he worked with Chad one-on-one to accomplish Chad’s goal of regaining the use of the left side of his body. As you can probably imagine, we were surprised when Chad called us from the top of Pinnacle Mountain. He had a lot to be proud of. Harris & Renshaw Physical Therapy had given him exactly what he needed. I am glad that Harris & Renshaw Physical Therapy is the kind of place that cares enough to give people hope!

During the year following, I had a stroke and heart attack which affected my balance. The doctors told me that I would never be able to walk straight or climb stairs. Once again, Bo was not ready to give up. After several months of work, I could step up on a curb without assistance and actually walk without the obvious limp. I am truly proud to be able to tell you that this is all because of the practices of Harris & Renshaw Physical Therapy.”

Trisha Shewmaker – Jacksonville

“Just finished a 4 wk program with Harris and Renshaw Physical Therapy. I can not say enough about this crew. They were wonderful. It shows when you know your job, and they do. They laugh with you, which makes 25 times of stretching your neck a lot more bearable. They make you feel as if you are no. 1 while helping their other clients who also are no. 1. I highly recommend them for all of PT needs. They are just out side the West Gate next to the Post Office.”

– Varon Cook

“I absolutely love these guys, best physical therapist I’ve ever had. My surgeon told me when I had my shoulder surgery because of my age and how many times I’ve had injuries that I would be lucky to get a 50 or 60% rotation back in my shoulder and they’ve got me up to 90% so happy with them and I absolutely love the whole crew there.”

– Julie Byford

“I enjoy going each time! They’re a great team. They really care about you and make sure you’re doing okay, they explain everything and ask how you’re feeling. I highly recommend them!!”

– Courtney Webb

“Have had therapy with them for about 2 months…they don’t force you to do what you can’t do but encourage you..letting you know it will get better in time..I’ve wanted to give up several with you one on one..they care , I’m moving and won’t keep PT with them..but was reassured if I ever had any questions I could come by or call..hard work but they make it fun as well. I’ll miss you guys, thank you for helping me.””

– Tracie Wallis

“Fantastic people!”

– Anne M

“Great staff!”

– Emily K

“Whatever your PT-related needs are, you can’t beat Harris & Renshaw.”

– Benjamin L

“Great facility! I’ve been a patient and employee. Amazing therapist and staff!”

– Kell C

“I wouldn’t go anywhere else. They have helped me when others couldn’t. Now if I need PT, I ask to go there.”

Gena Clifton N

“Great staff of dedicated therapists. I would highly recommend them.”

– Bruce S

“This is the BEST PT in the area. Bo has helped me many times. The staff is great and want the best for their patients! They go out of their way to help you heal.”

– Lori W

“Being a year round athlete I appreciate all the staff keeping me in tip top shape. The facilities are awesome, and the people are even better. Out of all the clinics in Arkansas they are for sure the best”

– Alex G

“This is my second time to rehab from knee replacement surgery at Harris and Renshaw. They make you work hard but the results are so worth it! Everyone is great there.”

– Peggy M

“Love all the staff, they work you hard but getting better by the week. Highly recommend”

Tony H

“I’ve been going here off and on for several years. Kathy is awesome and all the staff are wonderful too!”

Amy T